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Signature David Beckham in the chest Syahrini

Signature David Beckham in the chest Syahrini - I think the news again very tasty .. nih about Syahrini chosen to welcome David Beckham without pay or FREE, I had read and read on Yahoo, some say that the artist Syahrini are cheap, some say "embarrassing", some say "quasi-PD", and some are saying "Hockey for Syahrini", akh .. no-no wrote his comments, which must have been very few positive comments, even more negative. If the comments of my own hell "No Comment", David Beckham was a human being and a man who was married, what's adjacent to Bang David because if I was Victoria may also i would assume David Beckham unusual because it is often met kehariannya wrote.
Actually, I'm a bit lazy to look at the behavior of our artists (sorry) so would not want to invite a negative view of the general public. For instance David Beckham's signature attached to the chest Syahrini, many questions on Twitter "How could that happen?", I only have two possibilities ... first possibility>> If it's Syahrini shirt signed by David Beckham in a state used, to 'm not in the process of signing David Beckham must have touched other areas .. like we write on the table / dinding..kita not possible to put pen without our hands touching the desk / wall. The second possibility, if the shirt is in a state Syahrini unused David Beckham then asked her to sign ... then after Syahrini signed before wearing them. Sure it would be more polite, but the severity of the artist feel the GR's and not feel ashamed any negative view of the general public because the signature is attached to fit chest / right breast .. Who is not a negative view?

Info Contest Seo Teak123 And InfoZakat

Keyword "TEAK 123 best wholesale teak garden furniture manufacturer in Indonesia"
1. Rp. Charter of InfoZakat 3 million + Cup + 1 place
2. Rp. 1.5 million + + Charter of InfoZakat Cup Champion 2
3. Rp. 1,000,000 + + Charter of InfoZakat Cup Champion 3
4. Rp. 800 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
5. Rp. 700 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
6. Rp. 600 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
7. Rp. 500,000 + Charter of InfoZakat
8. Rp. 450 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
9. Rp. 400 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
10. Rp. 350 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
11. Rp. 325 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
12. Rp. 300,000 + Charter of InfoZakat
13. Rp. 275 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
14. Rp. 250 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
15. Rp. 225 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
16. Rp. 200 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
17. Rp. 175 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
18. Rp. 150 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
19. Rp. 125 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
20. Rp. 100,000 + Charter of InfoZakat

Favorite Post about InfoZakat:
  • Winner of Rp. Charter of InfoZakat 1,000,000 +
  • Champion II Rp. 500,000 + Charter of InfoZakat
  • Champion III Rp. 500,000 + Charter of InfoZakat
  • IV champion Rp. 250 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
  • Champion V Rp. 250 000 + Charter of InfoZakat
Entertainment Gifts:
200 T-Shirt Cool "infoZakat" for Participants positions 1 dg s / d. 200 who meet the requirements (registration + contest + article + article announcement articles charity contest / logo)

Charter Awards:
First 500 Applicants who qualify will get a Charter Award from InfoZakat and signed by the Chairman / Vice Chairman of the Parliament and Chief Kab.Jepara Orphan Foundation Almuzakki

Julia Perez Prepare 9 Mental Perform Ritual

VIVAnews - Artists section Julia Perez returned to play in a movie with the title 'Former House Tombs' that at home working on production of the Center Mega Creative Films. A number of rituals will dilakoninya before filming. Special ritual in the film which will in turn beginning in 2012, carried Julia Perez to avoid fears in the process of making pictures. "There are nine rituals that I do with the film team in Parangtritis, many processes that must be passed," said Julia Perez told when found at KM 19 Jakarta, Saturday, December 3, 2011.

Film 'The House Used Grave' is lifted from the true story of a native named Karina Bogor (Julia Perez) that stores dark past. Kareana Karina mistakes in the past, he must give victimizing the ghost Larasati (Fifie Buntaran) who accidentally killed when Karina caught cheating with Danu, Larasati husband at the time.

"Invited in this film and asked to provide input. Including the later ritual, because it has experienced in recent horror film," said Jupe.

Julia Perez admitted he is currently preparing mentally and physically to perform the ritual later. There are seven psychic who will accompany the ritual was to pave the way. The film is also filled a number of young stars like Tody Wahyudi, Cempaka, Martina daughter, Adi Revelation, Fifie Buntaran and Opie Bachtiar. The names of these young stars will be collaborated with Julia Perez.

Kim Kardashian Sexy Body Husband Criticized

VIVAnews - During this time, Kim Kardashian is known as one of the celebrity world of sexy bodied. Kim also received the title as the sexiest woman. However, Kim's husband, Kris Humphries did not seem to agree with the public. Men who have been sued for divorce Kim was, indeed criticizes Kim's body pride. As quoted by OK! Magazine, Sunday, December 4, 2011, Humphries Kim criticized the curve shape is so famous. Some reports say, sometimes the former NBA basketball player was calling Kim fat ass. Then when she hugged Kim, Humphries seemed slow. However, he embraced his wife and said, "My God, you mostly eat cake," Humphries said quoting sources.

The statement makes Kim Humphries was very disappointed and hurt. He did not suspect her husband it will catapult the words that pierced his heart was greatly.
"Humphries knew Kim's sensitive about his weight, so Kim was shocked and disappointed and angry. He immediately went," said one friend Kim.

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