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Ben Kasyafani crested Syahrini Comment

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VIVAnews - We got a chance to welcome the arrival of David Beckham, Syahrini appear with her ​​new hair style. He called his new hair style with the name 'topknot equator'. Jambul Syahrini was enough to attract attention, not least from the artist. Presenter and pesinetron, Ben Kasyafani also helped lift the crested pride Syahrini talking about it. According to this Marshanda husband, Syahrini looks match her ​​new look.
"I saw him laughing and funny, because he's a character he is like that, so yes it cool," Ben said when met at the Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, Tuesday, November 29, 2011. Attendance Syahrini while welcoming Beckham raises the pros and cons in the public eye. However, for Ben's not a problem. He regarded it as a good luck Syahrini can meet directly with Beckham.

"That's him sustenance. Seru, if not so do not diomongin. Syahrini think I'm fit," he said.

He also was pleased with Beckham's arrival into Indonesia. According to Ben, Beckham's presence in Indonesia at the right time. "He came to Indonesia fits the public interest we are crazy ball. With the coming of him, the people so entertained star game world," he said. (art)

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