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Origins of the Equator crested Ala Syahrini

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VIVAnews - There's always something new from Syahrini. Once bustling with the term 'Something Banget' and 'Thank God Yes'. Syahrini popularized about her makeup style. He said he wore a thick lashes as 'anti-storm lashes'​​. Apparently, Syahrini not stop there. He continues to be creative so that its appearance is different from other female singers. The new style was born Syahrini style. He appeared with his latest hairdo, hair tuft. And Syahrini give it a name for her hair with the term 'crested Equator'. "It's spontaneous than I have. I'm the person speak frankly. Then I'm lazy when flat haircut, or at least curly or straight. Diapain yes, finally dimodel this. Ditayain Keep fit, I wrote replied, crested model of the equator,"

Origins of the Equator crested Ala Syahrini Syahrini said when met at the Ritz Carlton, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta.
To get the name of the crest he did not seek inspiration from anywhere. He found it by accident. Syahrini added to get the model crested sperti flagship style of ornamentation that do not require a long time.
"Oh is not wearing a minute. Something has been so-so keep deh, creative course," he said.
Syahrini pleased with the results of these creations. He is getting credit for it crested equator.

"He said the hell I look more refreshed," he said.

After the anti-storm lashes, then followed with a topknot of the equator, what else is new from Syahrini? "Just a moment longer, after the following message," he said with a laugh.

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